Wicked Backgrounds

Create beautiful SVG backgrounds for your designs.

Stunning SVG waves, for your design, devices and websites!

Wicked design

Improve the retention of visitors on your website by creating an attractive SVG background design to capture their attention and reduce the bounce rate.


Select the options for the number of waves, angle, color, and color mode (gradient or color spin) for your background

Why Wicked Backgrounds?

Wicked Backgrounds allows you to create wallpapers for your website, mobile, laptop, mobile prsentations, you can use them anywhere and export it or copy to clipboard as SVG or PNG.

For mobile

Our backgrounds on mobile device can bring a sense of calm and vibrancy to your device. Moreover, the color options available allow for a unique and personalized background, and make your mobile device more fun to use.

For tablets

Using our wallpapers on your tablet can enhance the visual appeal and provide a calming atmosphere, the high-resolution and lightweight nature of SVG images will not slow down your device, and the color options allow for a personalized background.

For laptops and desktops

Perfect for laptop or desktop can enhance the user experience by adding a touch of vibrancy and playfulness to your device. Also, the wave patterns can serve as a form of digital feng shui, helping to create balance and harmony in the space around you.

For websites.

Add a unique and visually appealing design element to your website. SVG allows for high-res images. Additionally, the use of colorful wave patterns can convey a sense of movement and dynamic energy, making the website more engaging.

Take your designs to the next level with Wicked Backgrounds

Stunning SVG waves, for your design, devices and websites!